Five inspiring female led books for young minds

I’ve recently returned from visiting a friend and her family. She has three children: a girl of three, a boy and two and a boy of two months. Although she raises them equally and with very little television, the eldest is still getting influenced by the little television that she does watch. She discovered pink from Peppa Pig and princesses from Frozen. Her mother hates anything stereotypically “girly”, and although she accepts that that is what her daughter likes, I know she wishes her role models were a little more balanced.

Here are five books to that present a more balanced female role model to boys and girls.


This book shows that not all princesses are looking for a Prince Charming. Princess Smartypants is clever, independent and adventurous.

MATILDA by Roald Dahl

Matilda is all about overcoming adversity. Applying mind over matter, Matilda faces every challenge with wit, brain power and cunning…that and a little telekinesis.


These were my favourite stories when I was a child. Growing up in the countryside, I related to Sophie a lot. These should inspire children to get outdoors and explore nature and all its creepy crawlies.

JUDY MOODY by Megan McDonald

Judy Moody is a little bit of a rebel. She’s headstrong, opinionated, and ambitious, but is struggling to find her feet in her new third grade class – something many children will probably relate to.

MADELINE by Ludwig Bemelmans

Madeline is a fearless little girl. She doesn’t care about heights, she roars at tigers in the zoo, and when it’s time to have her appendix out, she wears her scar like a badge of honour.


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