Merry Christmas from Rosy

I’m sure you’re all cosied up, tearing open presents, or arguing with the family you usually try to avoid the rest of the year. Whatever you choose to do today, I hope you’re all having a wonderful time and, most importantly, you receive lots and lots of books. Merry Christmas.

“Under the tree one must feel full of love, particularly when the glass balls have been hung. They are store-places for love and that’s why it’s so terribly dangerous to drop them.” – Tove Jansson


More Than Just a Homework Helper

Something wonderful has been happening to book design over the past few years; we’re not only seeing beautiful book jackets that rival Folio Society but the entire concept of the book is being re-imagined. Take these Classics Unfolded illustrated by Yelena Bryksenkova or Nobrow’s Leporello range. These beautiful expanding books are the perfect combination of design, illustration and literature.

I believe this trend in beautiful book making is a reaction to the ever increasing use of e-readers; publishers are creating titles with a more tangible appeal that is just impossible to be appreciated onscreen. There are myriad titles I could write about but today I will specifically focus on non-fiction, because homework deserves to made more exciting by something truly beautiful and special.

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