Five inspiring female led books for young minds

I’ve recently returned from visiting a friend and her family. She has three children: a girl of three, a boy and two and a boy of two months. Although she raises them equally and with very little television, the eldest is still getting influenced by the little television that she does watch. She discovered pink from Peppa Pig and princesses from Frozen. Her mother hates anything stereotypically “girly”, and although she accepts that that is what her daughter likes, I know she wishes her role models were a little more balanced.

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I’ve heard it a lot. A lost parent, aunt, uncle, family friend or Godparent, a glazed look in their eyes, staring blankly at the seemingly endless rows of brightly coloured book spines. Where do you start?

Book buying (or borrowing, as I don’t discount libraries) can be a daunting task but it’s one that can be made a little easier with a bit of guidance. That’s the purpose of this blog: to present you with a little friendly advice on what to select for that little (or not so little) person in your life.

Over the next few months I’ll be talking about the requests I often hear on a daily basis, so expect a lot of lists. I’ll also be reviewing and talking about my favourite books and hopefully get some bookseller friends to contribute.